28 July 2011

West Tis: Farmers Market

Every Saturday we head over to the Farmer's Market in West Tisbury. We have three very specific stops: 1. Khen's for egg rolls, iced green tea, and veggie fried rice. 2. Beetlebung for bagging our own lettuce. 3. Pam's Pesto for what's hands down the best basil/parm concoction I've ever eaten. Here are some pics from last week:
Grab your own lettuce for a big $7 bag
Pretty red and gold potatoes
These onions were so fragrant
Khen has come over and cooked for our family before. Her eggrolls, noodles, and rice are to die for and even if you get to the market at 9 on the dot, there's always a line for her food.
It was blazing hot last Saturday and I was dying for one of her iced green teas. I should've ordered two.
She also makes deliciously crispy meringues that my kids gobble up the minute we buy them.

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