05 July 2011

El Paso: Sara Beltran

Guess who's in this month's Vogue India? Beltran, of course. The girls at Vogue India have pinpointed hipicita as someone to watch and after all the people that constantly ask me about her and her line, Dezso, it's no surprise that she's blowing up.
Deszo was recently picked up by Barneys, but in Dallas you can buy at Forty Five Ten. This September, blondie will be here for a trunk show right before fashion week where you can scoop up pieces from her newest collection - think gold, diamonds, tanzanite, beach chic. You can't get much better than that, no?
I've tried on this cuff many times and the raw shapes of the stones are simply gorgeous. As soon as she says I can, I'll post pics of the new collection. I promise, you will flip.

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