12 June 2012

El Paso: Piamita

Back in March one of my nearest and dearest, Jackie Bolin of VOD, gave me these fantastic Piamita Bettie Chain shorts for my birthday (one of Piamita's designers, Karla Martinez, is from El Paso). 
Since then, I've worn them a handful of times, but I haven't managed to find the perfect simple black sandals to wear along with them. Every pair I've found has too many embellishments for this kind of print.

And I keep coming back to these K Jacques
But then I also found these
And these Miu Mius which are on sale at Barneys. What do you guys think? Which pair should I get? Inexpensive no brainers or a little more of an investment for something that will last me through several seasons?


  1. the K Jacques...totally classic, last forever, perfect sandals.

    But you could easily rock all three!

  2. Totes! I'm so getting them!

  3. The K Jacques...it's so easy to go cheap, but there is nothing like a piece that lasts. Love the Miu Mius, too. However, if you need something to destroy over the summer -- I always destroy my sandals running around during the warm months, then, sure, go for a less expensive pair.

  4. Just saw you got them. Lol. Good choice!

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