18 June 2012

Fort Worth: Amigos Pots

You guys know that I moved earlier this year to a very different style home from what I was living in. Our new house is a redone one-story '50s ranch. The last one was more like a hacienda and after a few years I was like, this is way too much house, although it was very much my style. 
The new house has been like a blank slate for us and the challenge was, since we no longer live in a 30s Spanish revival, how do we make this very vanilla house have a similar, Mexican-ish feel.  
As a nod to my South Texas/Mexican roots and with The Hotel San Jose and The Thunderbird in mind, we planted agave, Mexican feather grass, and paddle cactus in the front of the house. But the most important and big impact touch was the concrete boxes we had built to plant everything in (very Thunderbird). 
So the front was taken care of but I needed to add something to the backyard around the pool.
I've had some assorted mirrored Mexican pots over the years and I thought they would be a fun touch outside. After looking for white ones for about a year, my uncle Carlos tracked them down at Amigos Pots in Fort Worth. 
 Not only did they have a ton of white, they also had blue, yellow, green, and pink. These are handmade in Guadalajara and are sold as sets with tall bases that you're supposed to set the round pots on.
But you can also turn the bases upside down and use them as planters, so I ended up walking away with a set of five pots, plus their bases for a total of 10 pretty fantastic pieces at $30 a set.
As soon as they're planted I'll update so you can see. 
Amigos Pots, 1117 N. Main St., 817.624.2007.