14 June 2012

Kerrville: Schreiner Goods

So I have a confession to make: About a year ago I wrote about a place called Schreiner Goods for FD Luxe. Based on photos and the lines they carried, I knew it was an incredibly special place so I wrote about it even though I'd never been. This happens more than most writers will admit. 
 Yesterday I spent the day in Kerrville reporting something for the August issue of Texas Monthly and my new friend Kathleen Keen, wife of Robert Earl and probably one of the coolest women I've had the pleasure of meeting, took me around town and, of course, one of her favorite places to shop is Schreiner Goods. 
She told me I wouldn't believe it, how it's a remarkable place, how the owners have an incredible vision. When I walked in, my jaw dropped. The shop girls offered up champagne and cappuccino (I took a cappuccino and it was served in beautiful white and gold china. I carried the cup and saucer with me as I shopped. So luxe) and my eyes went in about 800 bajillion different directions. I didn't know where to start. 
 There was fantastic clothing (KOCH!), gorgeous homewares (SCENTS AND FEEL FOUTA TOWELS!), tables of denim (J BRAND!) unusual art (A FRAMED BOX OF 54 IRIDESCENT BEETLES!).
 These vintage mirrors were calling to me
 And I almost broke down and bought new dishes even though I just bought new dishes last week.
 But I really went nuts when I spotted these side tables by Fredericksburg resident Cecilia Hager. 
 Each side is cover in a vintage Mexican movie poster and then she goes to town bedazzling the images with sequins, beads, and glitter. Why didn't I think of this?! It's the perfect combo of art piece and cool kitsch. 
And I immediately bought one. If you are ever in SA, make the time to buzz up I-10 for an afternoon in Kerrville. This store alone is worth the hours drive and you'll find things there you won't manage to find anywhere else. Check out their blog here for updates on new merch shipments.