29 July 2010

Chilmark: Beetlebung Farm

There's a funny thing that happens all over MV, but mostly up-island. Farmers, flowers growers, pie makers, bread bakers will put out signs advertising their goods.
And instead of being greeting by a person, you're greeted by a tackle box or a rusty coffee can labeled with instructions on where to place the money for the goods you take and a thank you for patronizing their stand. It's an old-school honor system that wouldn't really work in, say, Dallas or LA.
The owners tell you what's appropriate and what's not and everyone abides by it.
This particular farm stand, Beetlebung Farm, named so because of an intersection in Chilmark called Beetlebung Corner, is where we go to get vegetables and bags of leafy, spicy arugula.

You can also pick your own flowers from the garden.
Grab a pair of scissors, clip away, and put the suggested toll in the box.

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