19 July 2010

Monday in Chilmark

Woke up to a blinding bright sun, but by 11 am it had given way to grey clouds. The sky opened up, the rain is pouring down and the entire seaside is chilly, windy, and wet.
On days when it's sunny our schedule is simple: Wake up, breakfast outside on the porch, a board game or two.
Most days I sit outside and watch my kids and their cousins play in the backyard. Then a lunch on the porch with things picked up from the Chilmark Store, where when shopping it's normal to run into Ted Danson or Meg Ryan getting a coffee, pizza, or some such.
My nephew Jasper comes to the island frequently, as he lives in Boston. He and his girlfriend both work with kids with learning differences so they're extremely patient. The perfect pair to engage in play with a 6 and 3 year.
Then it's down to the beach - our beach is called Stonewall Beach because, as the name implies, is covered in grey and white stones - for a few hours. Then back to the house for nap, some wine, and dinner preparations with everyone. Tonight Mother Joan - my mother-in-law - has 16 people at the house with the Connecticut side of the family on the island.
I think it's time for an afternoon snooze.

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