06 July 2010


The last time I was in San Miguel - I'm heartbroken over the span of time that's passed since I've been to my beloved Mexico - I was walking up Pila Seca and came upon the CASAMIDY showroom. I knocked, Jorge and his two dogs answered, and I was welcomed in to look at all the things he and his French wife, Anne-Marie, were working on.

I adore all their work, so clean but beautifully detailed with nods to Moorish and Mexican design.
I didn't buy anything then - the shipping charges would have been equal to the chair I wanted so badly - and have regretted it since. But now I'm happy to tell you that William-Christopher Design on Henderson Avenue now carries a selection of CASAMIDY tables like the ones above. I haven't been in yet, but when I drove by and I spotted them in the window, I got giddy.

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