20 July 2010

Edgartown: Florabelle

Edgartown, a quaint little down-island town about 20 minutes from Chilmark is where one of my favorite stores on the island is. Florabelle carries cotton voile tunics, skirts, dresses, and other assorted beach-y necessities.
I met the owner, Noni, during my first visit to MV a dozen years ago. I was on my way to dinner at the Beach Plum in Menemsha and stopped in her little hat shack outside the hotel. We became friends, were pregnant with our first children at the exact same time, and keep in touch with annual Christmas cards.
She's adept at mixing scented oils for custom-scented lotions, shampoos, and conditioners. Just tell her what you're looking for and your personality and she'll whip something up from a few of the hundreds of the oils she has on hand.
This year she has stocked Florabelle with Kerry Cassill robes, Matta dresses and tops, and Sea Bags.
Still trying to decide which one of these Cassill robes I want to bring home.


  1. Beach Shag! Cute purse in the door with the anchor!

  2. Yes! Sandy Beach Shag! I still have a bottle of it in my bathroom! Miss you leaving toilets on the lawn, Dyess!!!

  3. Headed to Destin tomorrow...it is no MV!

  4. It's sandy shag you yahoos and get this pink and orange robe. it looks like you to me!
    missing you!!