30 August 2010

Marfa: Camp Bosworth

I've seen Campbell Bosworth's work firsthand at the Thunderbird Motel in Marfa, but I'd never looked at his website until just recently. This headboard is gorgeous and of course all made by hand.
Below is one of the benches he made for the Thunderbird Motel. The beauty of the organic shape is beyond.
This is a little storage chest with the skyline of Dallas carved into the side.
And this is some of his recent work: carved wood guns, bullets, and money; commentary on the drug wars happening just south of us and sometimes spilling into Texas.


  1. camp's work is hugely inspiring!! love seeing him here!

  2. I noticed that bench at the Thunderbird, but did not realize that he was such a prolific artist. Amazing stuff! That headboard is incredible.