24 November 2009

Black Friday: Joe's Jeans

12 am the fourth Friday of November is the day that crazies line up outside of Wal-Marts and shopping malls across the U.S. hoping to get the best deal possible. Is it worth it? I hardly think so, but now Prime Outlets in San Marcos is giving us yet one more reason to succumb to the insanity: Joe's Jeans. Yes, Joe's Jeans is now added to their already fantabtastic line-up of boutiques - think Barneys, Catherine Maladrino, La Perla, Fendi, Loro Piana. I can't help but wonder who all these people are that trek there in their pajamas - it is called the Midnight Madness Pajama Jam, after all - who gets in their car and drives somewhere at 11:30 pm after stuffing themselves silly with family and friends? Are the savings really that great? Would you do it to save a buck?

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