24 November 2009

Sara Beltran's Deszo

I recently discovered Sara Beltran's gorgeous line of jewelry, Deszo. The Texas-born, Juarez-bred artist now calls Jaipur and Mumbai home (we're meeting in February when I'm in India) and she offered me some insight into her creative process and inspiration.
TSS: Why is your line called Deszo.
SB: It's Latin for desire. Every woman desires something!

TSS: How did you decide to move halfway across the world?
SB: I used to live in New York for the last 12 years and I was kind of over it! I started designing and producing in New York. Then my friend Maximiliano Modesti who lives in Mumbai invited me last October to come to India and produce there. He is a big mentor in my life and he told me "you have no idea what you would make once you come to India" and he was right, my line made a huge jump.
TSS: What inspires you?
SB: The ocean! I love the ocean. A lot of the pieces are shells I pick from the ocean and then I make a mold and then I cast them in gold. Now I'm discovering the stone world in Jaipurand I'm doing my own carved stones. Colors are always inspired by the ocean.

TSS: What do you miss about Mexico?
SB: I've been away for so long that I got used to being everywhere. I travel a lot! And what I miss the most is my family but I do go a lot to visit them.

TSS: What are you favorite pieces from Deszo?
SB: All, everytime I make a new piece I want to keep them all. Sometimes poeple want to buy things right off me but I can't ever let go of my first pieces! Its hard. I fall in love which each single one since I put all into every piece.

TSS: Where can we buy Deszo?
SB: Seaside Luxe in Hawaii. 808.325.4702

xx, kr


  1. Thank you I love my article and yes I am waiting for you in India!!!

  2. compiiii great success......

  3. Sara is a wonderful artist!!! Not only cause she is my cousin, but the next RockStar in the jewelry industry. Her pieces are about her passion and her love, you can fell it, as she chats with you; showing them in person. I want one of each. Love, kisses and great sucess I wish her. Ernesto A Gallegos.

  4. Thank you Ernestito..... I love you...