30 November 2009


After I grabbed my latte at Jo's, Bobby Johns called me to come over and see his new store on South Congress, Stag, right next to Home Slice. He, along with his partner Steve Shuck, Don Weir, Joel Mozersky, and Ted Allen have come together to open the ultimate one-stop shop for men. Think sexy, rugged Steve McQueen + American dry goods + dash of chic. They open this Saturday and Stag will carry everything from clothing, sunglasses, an exclusive on shoes from an Austin-based cobbler, and gift-y items. If you've ever met Steve or Bobby - we did a story on them in FASHION from the Publishers of Texas Monthly - you know that they both have a little something called cool. I wish I had more of it.
Here are some behind the scenes shots of the store as they work away on finishing construction. Vintage Americana counter found at Round Top. Beautiful.
A simple found object turned chandelier. Bobby thinks it may have been a plant covering in a former life.
Faceted tin light pendants. They have 2 more that are for sale. Everything in the store down to the furniture will be for sale, actually. They're working non-stop this week for the Saturday opening. If anyone can get it done, it's these guys.

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