28 November 2009

I've got Yellow Fever

My friend David Ninh (above middle. so cute, right?), a former fashion writer for the Dallas Morning News, recently moved to NYC to worked for BNC PR. BNC has clients like Kid Robot, Amazon Beauty, Molly Sims, Rocio Ildemare, Julie Haus. Oh, the list goes on. He's been in the city for a couple of months and I'm following his every move on his blog Yellow Fever. He is hysterically funny in person and his writing manages to have the same voice - if you write, you know how hard it is to be funny in print.
This picture was taken during Fashion Week in September after many a champagne. That's me, messing up what could have been a perfectly good picture - kind of my signature - D, and Stephanie Quadri, the fashion editor at D Magazine.
xx, kr

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