30 November 2009

I'm a rocket man

You guys, I really was that close. This was not a bum rush to take an iPhone pic.
I was invited by some friends to the 4th Annual Andy Roddick Gala Foundation in Austin. It was at the Hilton which is the equivalent of Sir Elton playing Choctaw, but whatever, it was fine. It was more than fine. It was amazing. I got to hear Crocodile Rock, Your Song, Rocket Man, Tiny Dancer. Elton was super cute and had a fabulous dangly diamond cross earring swaying from his right ear. A few times some drunk ladies came up to the table and had to be escorted away from him. That was kind of sad. But you know what was more sad? That Roddster and Brooklyn didn't want to be BFF with me. What is up with that?


  1. I can't believe Andy and Brooklyn did not BFF you right away? Well that's the last time I put him on my top five athletes list. He was number 2, second to David Beckham. Looks like his nemesis, Roger Federer is taking his spot. Done and done. Love your blog!

  2. ooooooh Sir Elton!

    I saw in some interview some time back (regarding his throat surgery) that he no longer can get the crazy-high notes--that makes me sad. Still, brilliantly mesmerizing.

    Who needs Andy Roddick anyway (she says, stashing her Andy Roddick posters)?! ;)