24 November 2009

San Antonio: Lee Lee Shoes

Something that's pretty fabulous about working for a magazine that covers the entire state is that, well, I cover the entire state. A few years ago while researching San Antonio for FASHION from the Publishers of Texas Monthly, I came across Lee Lee Shoes. It's in Alamo Heights in the same shopping strip as the impossibly posh gift store sloan/hall. When I stepped in there for the first time, my heart skipped a beat. The selection of shoes that owners Leigh and Sherry put together is the best I've ever seen in Texas. And over the course of five years I've seen a lot of places. So good that I've said so a number of times and my quote is on their home page. I wish I was there on Friday because every fall item in store will be 20 percent off. Botkier's Logan Shopper, above, was $565, on Friday will be $452.
Loeffler Randall's Cale. Was $675, on Friday will be $540.
xx, kr

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  1. Welcome back, KR!! Man, I want to drive down to San Antonio to check this place out!