28 April 2010

Dallas: Tread, Class 7

Just back from my 7th Tread Fitness class. Hosted a slew of friends and blog readers - Haven's John Bass, PaperCity's Brooke Hortenstine, Gaia for Women's Paula Minnis, Koch's Nicole Boykin, D Magazine's Laura Kostelny, among many others - and I must say I had no idea that working out with my friends could be so much fun. All in it together, sweating it out, while simultaneously laughing at how ridiculously difficult it can be to run up an incline. And, contrary to what all my friends are saying - Jason Sheeler from F!DLuxe called me a "pusher" the other morning - I'm not the only one talking about Brandon Wall and Bart Fassino - who BTW have turned me on to sugar-free margarita mix. who knew? Click here to see what the Dallas Morning News has to say about them or here to read Courtney Sinelli's take.

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