13 April 2010

Houston: Tiny Boxwoods

I'm usually in Houston every six weeks or so and every time I'm there I have a very specific eating ritual. First, I stop at Crave Cupcakes for a hot earl grey with half and half and a cinnamon sugar cupcake. This always helps me begin my day (now you know why I need to workout). When lunch rolls around, there is no other place considered because Tiny Boxwoods is the only place I'll dine. Seriously, if I was with someone else and they suggested another spot, I'd have to tell them that I'd see them after lunch.
This super chic, but casual cafe is attached to Thompson + Hanson, a landscape architecture firm and retail nursery/store. You can imagine that the grounds of the cafe are pristinely designed - so clean and linear - and the atmosphere is always buzzing with pretty ladies wearing everything from dresses and heels to jeans and flops.
No matter where you sit, it's always flooded with light. I personally love sitting at the counter.
Or, if it's still spring or fall, outside to sip a cappuccino.
The chalkboard walls, with their scribbly writing of the days specials, feels very Left Bank to me. I need to plan a day trip soon.
Photos by Marisa Roman

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