12 April 2010

Dallas: Tread Fitness & The Rusty Taco

I know, I know. Those two things shouldn't even be mentioned together, but they were both notable parts of my day so here goes.

First, I met the man who is going to change my life. Brandon at Tread Fitness kicked my fitness routine - which was basically nonexistent - into high gear this morning during my first tread class. Thank goodness my friend Courtney Sinelli joined me because between my Sudafed head and sinus infection I wasn't impressing anyone. I'm going back for more on Wednesday for the glutes and calves class and I'm telling you, I'm certain I'm going to be foxy and firm after all is said and done.

Secondly, The Rusty Taco was indeed a little rusty today as they ran out of tacos by 5:30 and were turning away eager eaters. Totally good for them because of the overwhelming response, totally bad for the folks that drove away hungry.

Be back tomorrow, but must take more medication now.

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