14 April 2010

Dallas: Tread Fitness

Although I'm on day 5 of a sinus infection that refuses to go away, I dutifully attended my morning glutes and calves class at Tread. It ended three hours ago and my thighs are still on fire. I'm sure this is a good sign. During the weights portion of the class I kept wincing and say "This is soooo hard" and all Brandon replied was "It's not supposed to be easy!" Right. I knew that.
I'm going to measure tonight and will reveal what's been shrunk at the end of May. Seven weeks to foxy.


  1. Way to stick with it! I am heading back in tomorrow a.m. for more punishment. The music is a nice distraction, don't you think?

  2. Rox, I'm dying over this class!
    Gina, yes, music is nice distraction from the burning in my legs and arms. I want to hear about your progress as you go.