07 June 2010

Austin: Apiece Apart

Austin's Laura Cramer kills it with the fall collection she designed with her Apiece Apart co-founder, Starr Houtt.
There's a reason that Style.com, Vogue, Lucky, Elle, and The New York Times love them.
I've always thought that modern clean design is the hardest to do. To be able to pull back, restrain, and just whittle it down to the essentials while also making sure all the little details are compelling enough to make clothing into something much more than just a blouse, dress, or trousers. To make something sculptural that hangs on someone is like creating walking art.
The knit loops on this black wool coat look so beautifully textured. Doesn't it make you want to reach out and touch it?

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  1. totally with you here! i love this line...