21 June 2010

Austin: San Jose & Jo's

Saturday and Sunday morning started the same way for me: Pilar and I would walk over to Jo's, grab a regular latte and an OJ, and sit and watch folks buzz around SoCo.
After about 20 minutes of petting dogs, saying hi to friends, and reading the poster-riddled bulletin board, we'd walk back over to the San Jose and swim for about an hour. I had no idea that a creamy latte and an 8 am swim could be so immensely pleasurable.
The staff, as always was great, but I have a newfound appreciation for them after staying here with children. The bartender, Brent, was incredibly sweet and introduced himself to C & P, told them that he'd be able to help them with whatever they needed - in this case two Coca Colas on ice. And just yesterday they called to say that C had left his Rabbit in the room and it would be promptly mailed. I think you can always judge people on how they treat children - people who dismiss anyone under 4 feet tall are immediately put on my not-so-hot list. No one this weekend made it on there.

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  1. I'm glad you had a nice experience there. I LOVE the San Jose! I'm moving to Austin later this year, and I think I'll still stay there sometimes for a pretend getaway.