16 June 2010

Dallas: Beyond Barre

If you read both this blog and Life-Content than you know that me, Courtney Sinelli, and Jon Tutolo of Haven are on a bit of an exercise roll. Ever since we all started Tread Fitness back in April and we saw amazing results from intense one-hour workouts with Brandon and Bart, we've been a little crazed about getting back into shape. Then My Fit Foods came into the picture, which quickly became another obsession. Now we're rounding things out with classes at Beyond Pilates.

The Beyond Barre class is right up my alley, as I really want to get my upper legs in shape - you know I'm a fan of thigh-high hemlines worn with ridiculously high heels. There is this area that is just a little too round for me and after last night's class I think I may have found a solution to kicking it to the curb. The instructor Bethany, a lithe gamine who was a cheerleader and dance fitness instructor, made everyone a little envious of no.1 her insanely chic cropped hair cut with swoopy bangs. no. 2 her ridiculously toned thighs and stomach. no.3 her ability to do all the exercises sans the barre. The class was completely full last night so sign up online or risk being turned away at the door. And you may want to get a pair of grip socks from here or here.

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