13 June 2010

Dallas: Beyond Pilates

What an ass-kicker of a morning I had. It was my first class at the newly opened Beyond Pilates on Lovers Lane. I was a little intimidated by the machines - a big piece of equipment with all kinds of springs and pulleys - and I always thought that it was for folks who just wanted to stretch a little. So wrong. First off: Beyond Pilates is an off-shoot of traditional Pilates. Using a machine called a Megaformer, you're taken through a series of body-toning motions. After a quick, but thorough rundown of the machine, the fully sold-out class (and this at 9 am on a Sunday!) got to work.
The moment we started I could immediately feel my core working to full capacity. Owner Brandi Marino - who has the most amazingly toned arms - took us through all the motions while coaching us individually if we needed help. 15 minutes into it I was full-out sweating. Every single move took all the control and stability I could muster but Brandi was very motivating, upbeat, and the dance music was perfect. Classes are similar to Tread Fitness, in that you can buy a package of classes. The more you buy, the more you save. If you really love it, you can buy a unlimited month-long pass. If Pilates isn't your beat, try the Beyond Barre classes, a ballet-inspired workout that firms up the legs and lower abs (Come and meet me for the Tuesday night class!). It's about time that spots like this have made their way to Dallas. Finally a place where you can get a super-intense workout and attention as needed without the pricey-ness of gym membership or personal training.

Oh, has anyone else noticed that all the best trainers have B names...Brandi, Bethany, Bart, Brandon? I'm going to change my name to Bristie.


  1. Going to take the barre class this Sunday. I have been waiting so long for this!!!- Monica

  2. kill me..bristie...bbl