24 June 2010

Houston: Maison Burdisso

I just returned from a long day in Houston but I wanted to let you in on a little discovery: Maison Burdisso. I had lunch at Tiny Boxwoods - is there really any other option? - and afterwards wandered through the Thompson + Hanson grounds and boutique. I spotted these delightfully packaged caramels and upon closer inspection realized they're Houston-made.
I bought two packages of them and a little box of spiced almonds. $43 later I was in my car wondering what a $13 package of caramels tasted like. I started to drive, leaned over and opened a bag, and peeled one off its wax paper. I'm not kidding when I tell you that I drove over a curb getting onto Westheimer when I tasted this chewy salty-sweet morsel. I sucked it off the paper. I may have even eaten some paper. And now I know what a $13 bag of ten caramels tastes like.

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