04 June 2010

Everywhere: Wedges

The Celine wedges that have inspired dozens of imitations have been on the top of my list of summer must-haves. Before I ever lay down my credit card, I troll around the web to see if there may be a suitable substitute so I don't rack myself with guilt over my indulgences. I found these, the Warrick Wedge, on SteveMadden.com and they're so-so, but.....

these Jeffrey Campbell's - below - on Intermixonline.com, with their creamy tan texture are the winners. Now, if I could just find them in a size 7, I'd be set, but they seem to be sold out everywhere.


  1. LOVE those shoes...they will transition nicely into Fall, too. I saw them on the Free People website...and for a little less $$, can't beat that!

  2. omg, thank you for the tip, Gina!!

  3. These are great, thanks for posting them! I love the Steve Maddens in suede.