16 June 2010

El Paso: Crave Kitchen & Bar

Some of my best friends are from El Paso and I get a little jealous that when they go home to visit family, they can always pop into Crave for breakfast, lunch or dinner. About a year ago I spotted it in Cincinnati, an artsy entertainment district in EP, and I ended up writing about it for a Texas Monthly column called Street Smarts.
It was a really fun discovery - my favorite thing as a writer/journalist is stumbling upon something fabulous and then telling everyone I know about it. The restaurant is small with communal seating and when you enter about 1,000 forks, spoons, and knives hanging by butcher's string dangle from the ceiling. It's a big impact, but inexpensive little trick that immediately lets you know that you were in for something special.
A big chalkboard wall has the daily menu scribbled on it and here are my suggestions: Blueberry pancakes with lemon curd, buttermilk pan fried chicken and waffles, and one of the 70 beers they have on hand. Making me hungry and thirsty thinking about it.

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