23 August 2010

Dallas: DIVE

Hearing great things about Dive, the chic little seafood spot that just opened in Ball's Hamburger's old space in Snider Plaza.
I've heard that the menu is filled with great healthy options - an ahi tuna wrap has received raves from friends - and an inventive, but small cocktail menu. Going there this Wednesday for a late lunch and will have a full review. Click below to read TheThrillist's review.

Images from TheThrillist.com


  1. Have been wanting to try this place, curious to know what you think of lunch there this week. Heard it's kid-friendly without being kid-focused, so that's always a plus.

  2. Gina, went there today for lunch and guess who I ran into? Brandon and Bart. The food was so good and I can't wait to head back later this week! The ahi tuna wrap killed!