07 August 2010

El Paso: The Garden

A month of so ago I posted about a great restaurant in EP called Crave. An EP friend of mine, Marcelle Purdy, told me about a new-ish place opened by the same owners of Crave called The Garden. Now, I've not been there yet so I can't vouch for it myself, but because Crave left such a good impression on me and Purdy runs with a very fashionable crowd, I can't imagine that anything else opened by the same group of folks wouldn't also wow.
The Garden is downtown (right around the corner from The Plaza Theatre) and from what I've been told its covered outdoor patio brims with a pretty crowd of 30-somethings sipping cocktails and puffing away on Montecristo Churchills from the in-house cigar humidor. The menu sounds classic American with items like pan-roasted chicken, grilled trout, and baby back ribs, dishes that will always satisfy, but not blow your socks off. Anyone have a first-person account of The Garden?

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