14 August 2010

Dallas: Jackson Browne

Such a good concert last night.
With such good seats.
But when he started to play "Running on Empty" I couldn't take sitting down in my seat anymore.
I got up, danced in the aisle, then turned around to see that several people had joined me. I knew I wasn't the only one who wanted to ditch the prim and proper sit-in-your-seat-and-watch routine. By the time "Take it Easy" came on Mr. H was next to me dancing, too, along with about 7,000 other folks. Sometimes it's hard to be the first one to get up and dance. But if the alternative is sitting there and doing nothing, I'd rather take the chance of embarrassing myself any day.


  1. Good for YOU! I don't see how they can stand it, or should I say, "sit it" out. At a Jackson concert I feel like, "I just got to heaven and I can't sit down." I'm with you...perhaps lots are converts to his music and they're just not sure what to do...I too would "rather take the chance" than sit there all prim and proper ... and just watch. It truly is a feel for the music, isn't it?

  2. It is! Music is one of those things that can intensify sadness or happiness in an instant. And sometimes you just have to sit there and cry or get up and dance depending on how the mood strikes.