02 August 2010

Everywhere: What I Want Now

One of the things I love about being gone in July is that by the time I've come back in August the stores are filled with shiny new deliveries of fall merch. It may be 105 in Dallas today, but I'm pining away for some of the season's new frocks. Here's my idea of an easy transition outfit, summer to fall. Something I can wear now and when the temps begin to drop.

Etoile Isabel Marant plaid shirt
J Brand's Houlihan. I loved them so much in olive - the fit is perfection - that I'd love to have them in white.
Proenza's PS1 bag.
Matiko studded oxfords. The rounded studs add some toughness to an otherwise conservative shoe. However, I think this will be the last season I can wear studs, as they're going the way of the gladiator sandal. Out and done. There's gotta be another way give things an aggressive layer besides these guys and exposed zippers.

Ray ban aviator sunglasses. I have these in acetate tortoise and adore them. New for fall they also have them with the lenses edged in leather. So chic, so Steve McQueen.

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