24 August 2010

McAllen: Roosevelt's at 7

About a year ago I was in McAllen for TM to write about some fine places to shop and dine while visiting the border town. Expectations were pretty low, so I was pleasantly surprised to find such a serious art scene and buzzy nightlife in and around the arts district. That's when I stumbled upon Roosevelt's at 7, an incredibly cool restaurant and alehouse on Main Street.
They have about 45 imports and microbrews to chose from and for someone like me who doesn't like much aside from vodka and champagne I was even able to find something redeemable (I'll admit I may have had a peach lambic, which is about two steps away from a boozy fruit juice).
The crowd is fun, loud, and ready to fight you for booth seating (all the booths have Jenga) anytime after 5 pm. If the booths are taken, take it to the outdoor patio where communal seating rules and enough beer will make you forget how hot it gets down south.


  1. If your expectations were low as far as McAllen's nightlife and eateries, it's just because you haven't spent time here. There are loads of great little places, especially in the Entertainment District. Glad you found Roosevelt's- it's a good one- but no one should stop there when there are so many great places for food, nightlife and fun.

  2. Roosevelts is 1 of my favorites. Also El Divino, the Patio on Guerra, Alhanbra, Santa Fe. And Yokos and kokos.

  3. Oh, thanks for those suggestions! I'm gonna try them when I go back there. I really liked McAllen and I left there thoroughly impressed with everything it had to offer!!