04 August 2010

Shreveport: On the Road with NorthPark

My day began at 5 am. By 6 I was on a bus with three models, one stylist, a fabulous make-up artist, and one marketing director. Destination: Shreveport. Why you may ask? To promote NorthPark Center and some very special happenings there the weekend of August 20. First: On the Runway. This is a 3-day celebration of fall fashion where several almost-hourly runway shows will take place in the north court. Second: Saturday, Aug 21 from noon to 4 pm is the annual Kim Dawson Model Search, which launched the careers of Erin Wasson, Ali Michael, and Jessica Cline. Third: Aug 20, 21, 22 is Texas' Tax-Free weekend. No sales tax on clothing and shoes under $100. Today was the first part of our media television tour to tout this triple threat weekend at NPC.

My chariot awaits
Getting settled for a three-hour drive
Make up man, LB Rosser, doesn't mess around when it comes to bus travel. He brought his own pillow and blanket. Sorry the shot is blurry. Bouncy bus.
Models need beauty rest, too
LB's arsenal of good stuff. Everything he needed to make us pretty for the camera.
Marni blouse, J. Crew skirt, Alexander Wang wedges. Ready to go on air.
LB's works his magic
5 minutes 'til air time
This is what looped on my iPod to and fro. For me it's the perfect mix for an early morning on the road.
Shreveport Road Trip Playlist:
"Only Living Boy in NY" - Simon & Garfunkel
"Two" - Ryan Adams
"Last Goodbye" - Jeff Buckley
"Sara" - Fleetwood Mac
"Fix It" - Ryan Adams
"California" - Joni Mitchell
"Digest" - Ben Taylor
"Hey Nineteen" - Steely Dan
"Help Me" - Joni Mitchell
"When The Stars Go Blue" - Ryan Adams - Seriously, the harmonies on this song kill. Kill.

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  1. looked like a snazzy bus. The model cruled up asleep in one set of seats- shoot me. I haven't fit that since I was 12. Lucky.