10 January 2011

Dallas: Barrett Alley

Obsessed. Utterly obsessed with the leather and craftsmanship of Barrett Alley's handmade leather wallets and bracelets. All made here, BTW.
Alley uses vegetable-tanned leather and vintage Japanese and American fabrics for the interior linings.
These are the kind of items that cannot be mass produced, as it's all about the heirloom quality.
This braided bracelet would be right at home on my left wrist, which is already piled high with an assortment of cloth and metal bangles.
Bart Fassino, thank you for introducing me to this line. It so looks like something you would wear when you're not donning one of your dapper suits.
This number would be fantastic with a bikini on a warm coastline somewhere. Can you tell I'm getting that itch to get out of town?


  1. Agreed. Completely awesome. I am so glad I stumbled on your blog! I grew up in Austin and live in San Francisco now.. but I miss being up on all of the fabulous indie Texas news. I am SO happy I found you. Loving every post! -elyse

  2. Elyse, hi! That is so nice of you. People like you are the reason that this blog exists! Thank you so much for reading!