20 January 2011

Marfa: Food Shark

The food standards in Marfa are incredibly high for such a blip of a town. Gotta blame all the city slickers who've jumped the urban ship for a quieter, slower way of life out there. One such spot you must eat is Food Shark. The mobile food van is parked under the downtown pavilion Tues-Fri, 11:30 am-3 pm.
I ordered a Marfalafel off the regular menu and then a slew of things from the chalkboard daily specials.
It was far too cold to sit at the Donald Judd tables
So we gathered our order
And headed inside Food Shark's dining car, a gutted school bus with booths, condiments, and a static-y radio tuned to NPR. Word to the wise: If you have an iPhone, it's best to turn it off inside the bus. Otherwise your signal interferes with the radio and you'll get the stink eye from locals while calling your friends to tell them you're finally eating inside that school bus in Marfa that the New York Times wrote about.
Love the Christmas light accents
and the bar seating in the back


  1. Looks yummy. Are there any boring and average people in Marfa? I've never seen anything posted about that town that isn't just heavenly.

  2. No, there aren't! One the dining bus we met a communist/landscape artist, a medicine-ball maker, and a Chinati intern from Sweden. Nutz!