27 January 2011

El Paso: Karla Martinez

My friend, El Paso-native Karla Martinez, has got a killer closet. And she should seeing as how she's the Fashion Market & Accessories Director for W.
I've been in her closet once when she needed a shoe change during fashion week - she changed from sky high heels to Lanvin flats - so I was super excited to see an in-depth look at everything on the coveted. such a brilliant idea for a website. brilliant.
Another thing I want to mention about Karla is Project Paz. She emailed me about the non-profit she started with a slew of her El Paso friends and last November they had their first annual fundraiser and were able to put $90,000 towards the peace-promoting projects that are desperately needed in Ciudad Juarez.

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  1. lovely. I'm looking into Project Paz. Thanks.