03 January 2011

Kyle: The Plant at Kyle

Well, Happy New Year, TS&S readers. I hope you had as nice of a vacay as I did. Was lovely to have so many days to do absolutely nothing. But after spending so much time with a blank agenda I got a bad case of wanderlust, a deep in the bones feeling that I needed to start another journey. Alas, I haven't the time for a such a thing. But a weekend at The Plant at Kyle, right outside of Austin, may be the ticket.
The aesthetic is Lake|Flato at its best and I simply can't get over how much I love the looks of this place.
I can so see my family here kicking back, bbq-ing, snuggling up to a fire, and roaming the grounds.

I would stop at Whole Foods and shop for an entire weekend so we'd never leave the house and make pancakes for breakfast each morning, fresh squeezed juice from grapefruits from the valley, and lattes for me and Mr. H.
And I'd be the first one to take a swing on that rope over the pool and plop bottom first into the water.

Heavenly, really.


  1. My husband and I got married at The Plant under the oak tree out back in September 2009. If you get a chance to visit this amazing house...GO!! It's so fantastic! And the owners were a breeze to work with...very accommodating! The screened porch is just the best thing ever! We spent the weekend there with our wedding party as well and this place has it all…you feel like you’re away from it all, but you’re still surrounded by such a unique and beautiful building. We even had the special treat of having donkeys grace us with their presence during our ceremony…we loved everything about this place!