04 January 2011

Houston: Sunday Riley

My favorite skincare line, Sunday Riley, has added three new serums to help you get and maintain a glowing complexion.
Stimulant 1 minimizes lines, Stimulant 2 reduces redness, and Stimulant 3 - the one I'm testing a sample of - is to correct brown spots. $295 at Barneys or SundayRiley.com.

As I mentioned last time, this is the only skincare line I have EVER gone out and personally purchased after a PR person has sent me samples. The only one. Out of literally hundreds. It's the most fantastic stuff out there.


  1. will I look like you after?

  2. Yes, you will look exactly like me. Exactly.

  3. I am calling today to order the Juno. My sample is just about gone. I hope you like the serum.

  4. The serum is fantastic. I've used for the last three nights and my skin feels smoother, looks a tab bit clearer. I think I'm going to have to bite the bullet and throw down the $295 for it.