27 January 2011

Off for the weekend....

I'm off early in the morning to catch a flight to Portland, Oregon for my sis-in-laws birthday. We're once again staying at the Ace and I'm so excited about hunkering down in the hotel for a cold and rainy weekend. I like to think if its design as army barrack vintage chic.
The entire hotel and its attached restaurants and coffee bar are all about community. Every morning folks gather in the lobby, grab a latte from Stumptown Coffee (you just walk through a doorway on the first floor of the hotel and you're there), and read the NY Times while it drizzles outside. I love that even though you've never laid eyes on any of the people around you, everyone just passes sections of the paper back and forth.
For dinner, Clyde Common (again, you just mosey through a door on the first floor to get there) is perfect for sharing plates and bottles of wine. There's a cozy appeal of never having to leave your hotel the entire weekend.
But I promise I will leave at least a few times. Portland's too pretty to stay in one place.

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