14 January 2011

Marfa: Getting there

Nothing makes me more nervous than taking off. I'm the person who's making the sign of the cross, sweating, breathing hard, and overall having a tough time.
Thank goodness I had this by my side. A cooler filled with Coors Light, Titos, and Topo Chico.
Landed in one piece - although slightly buzzed - in the desolate West Texas landscape.
We were there to shoot the fall 2011 lookbook for Koch. And, people, let me tell you: The clothes KILL.
Our fearless leader: L.A. photog Bret Gum
Don't think for one minute that I didn't snatch up this tumble weed to take home with me. A few coats of gold spray paint and this will make Kelly Wearstler drool.
After getting in and then heading to Hawk Hill, the 6,000 acre Marfa ranch owned by the incredible-in-every-way Kathy Bracewell - KB, you know WE DIE over you! - we headed to dinner at Cochineal.
Dinner led to check in at the Hotel Paisano (since we checked in late, they just taped our room keys to the front door) which led to styling the following day's clothing for the shoot until 1:30 am. Then it was off to bed and out like a night.


  1. Cochineal=SO GOOD!!!

  2. Cochineal is incredible! Went for dinner and breakfast the next day. Unfortunately, the Food Shark was closed the weekend I went--a good excuse to go back!