22 February 2010

Dallas: 48 nights

48 nights made its debut tonight in an old Oak Cliff building at I-30 and Sylvan. The pop up restaurant, the brainchild of Chris Jeffers, Tim Byres, and Chris Zielke will be open every Monday and Tuesday night for the next six months and volunteer chefs like Marc Cassell of Park, Sharon Hage of York Street, and Graham Dodds of Bolsa will be cooking an ever-changing menu. Once the six months is up, the building will be demolished to make room for a Lake Flato-designed mixed-retail development. The best part: all the restaurant proceeds benefit North Texas Food Bank, Salvation Army Dallas, American Red Cross DFW, and The Volunteer Center of North Texas.
Photo courtesy of 48Nights.com


  1. you have the greatest posts! we will definitely be going to this. myself and some friends had the Grape's "best burger in Texas" on sunday. it was amazing. have you tried it yet?

  2. Yes, I tried the burger at the grape a few months ago when it was on the cover of texas monthly. It's so good!
    I'm going to try to make it to 48 nights asap. If you go, let me know how it is!

  3. what an incredibly cool concept. so proud of how dallas continues to evolve.

    can't wait to see what Lake Flato comes up with in that space.