23 February 2010

Everywhere: J. Crew

Well, girls, if you thought it was a hassle to try to online order some of J. Crew's most coveted items - think about this perfectly studded belt below or their fabulous jersey Lomellina swimwear, the items that you always have to wait for because they're on dreaded backorder - things may get a bit tougher come May when you not only have to compete with other stylish Americans, but with stylish women from around the world. Just got a press release that J. Crew and Net A Porter are teaming up to offer selected pieces to shoppers in Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East (because a ruffled cami is a top priority for the people of Iraq).
I'm really being selfish here. I want the Net A Porter international set to be decked in J. Crew. But I also want J. Crew to up production on the top sellers so the American audience can get what they want when they want it. What is it that people say? Help the people in your own backyard? Warning: this post may be the result on having my orders delivery dates more than six weeks out. And three glasses of champagne.

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