03 February 2010

Everywhere: Balenciaga

The first fragrance from the house of Balenciaga under the stewardship of designer Nicolas Ghesquiere is now in stores - Neiman Marcus specifically - and I just received a small sample of it. I must tell you two things: 1. that I've been wearing the same fragrance for years, longer than I can remember. 2. I get fragrance samples more often than I visit Target. Which, if you know me, is an unreasonable amount.
Even with all those samples, I've never strayed from my musk-based scent. So I get the sample, take a sniff, and mmm....this is interesting. Not floral-y, but slightly sweet with cedarwood hidden somewhere deep in there. I spray. Huh. I'm going to wear this today and see. Of course, seeing pictures of the woman that inspired it, the resolutely chic singer/actor Charlotte Gainsbourg, worked its marketing magic on me, too. To know Gainsbourg's music, it to love it. Click here and see. But the scent, the subtle spiciness of it combined with violet, was just so unusual. It was so good.
I'm not saying it's my new scent, just that this is the first fragrance that I've considered in lieu of my signature scent. Not everyday, but maybe every now and then. Change is good.

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