28 February 2010

Dallas & Houston: Lauren Pierce Atelier

Houston native Lauren Bush makes her way back to her home state on March 20 from 2-5 for an in-store appearance at Barneys in Dallas to present her new line, Lauren Pierce Atelier. With this exclusive collaboration with Barneys - available March 20-26 - shoppers customize a dress by choosing from a slew of hand-dyed fabrics made by African women then picking one of five different dress silhouettes for the ultimate personal statement.
Bush has been an all around do-gooder since her days at The Kincaid School and she brought one of her altruistic visions to life a few years ago when she debuted FEED Projects, a line a burlap bags whose proceeds fed hungry children. Click here to watch the kicky video that explains the Atelier concept in four simple steps.

Photo from Treehugger.com

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