03 February 2010

Dallas: Urbano Cafe

Had an incredible dinner at Urbano Cafe on Fitzhugh last week and went back today for lunch. It was just as good as I'd hoped. It's tiny, sandwiched between Spiceman's F.M. 1410 - a friend of mine buys her arugula there and is hooked - and Jimmy's Food Store, and in the evenings it's teeming with eager diners hungry for the ever-changing menu based on seasonal, local ingredients.
Today I had Louisiana crab cakes on a bed of greens with avocado and a spicy vinaigrette, while someone else had the grilled salmon. It's BYOB and I forgot a bottle, so I just walked down to Jimmy's and bought a muscato to go with lunch. Perfection.

1 comment:

  1. You get to drink wine with lunch. How European of you. LUCKY (in the accent of Napolean Dynamite)