30 August 2010

Marfa: Camp Bosworth

I've seen Campbell Bosworth's work firsthand at the Thunderbird Motel in Marfa, but I'd never looked at his website until just recently. This headboard is gorgeous and of course all made by hand.
Below is one of the benches he made for the Thunderbird Motel. The beauty of the organic shape is beyond.
This is a little storage chest with the skyline of Dallas carved into the side.
And this is some of his recent work: carved wood guns, bullets, and money; commentary on the drug wars happening just south of us and sometimes spilling into Texas.

Dallas: Bren's Lakewood Taxi

Have you heard of Bren's Lakewood Taxi? My friend swears by this airport taxi service owned and operated by a Lakewood grandmother of five. For $25 (LoveField) or $45 (DFW) she will come anywhere in Lakewood or Forest Hills, pick up you and your bags, take you to the airport, and she doesn't charge for additional luggage or people. Next time you need to hitch a ride and don't wanna bug your friends - because believe me, no one likes to take people to the airport - call or text Bren at 214.729.0454.

28 August 2010

El Paso: Leo Villareal

The El Paso Federal Courthouse is finally open after many delays. Not only does the architecture of the building play off the desert skyline of West Texas, but the art inside is representative of the color changing horizon.
El Paso-raised artist Leo Villareal - known for his work with wall-mounted, multicolored LEDs - was commissioned to create Sky, a digital mural that hangs in the lobby and randomly and smoothly changes hues and color to suggest the passing clouds or sunrise of the city he grew up in.
Villareal currently lives in New York City with his wife Yvonne Force Villareal, but they make it back regularly to their home in Marfa. Yvonne was instrumental in the Prada Marfa permanent installation in Valentine, Texas and is a regular fixture in Vogue due to her impeccable style and work with the Art Production Fund, a non-profit she founded.
Above is a Villareal on the side of the Tampa Museum of Art, which is similar to the piece in El Paso although not as big. Of Sky he says "Having grown up in El Paso and nearby Ciudad Juarez, the vastness of the 'Big Sky Country' has played a significant role in forming my vision. This artwork presents something universal that everyone can understand and feel. An emotional connection to and with the sky is eternal and ever changing, reflecting on the notion of deep time." Just one more reason to make it to EP.

27 August 2010

Houston, Austin, Dallas, SA: Bond No. 9

Does it get any better than this? Only the 6th scent Bond No. 9 has done that's not inspired by a NYC neighborhood, it's their homage to our fair state. It's available only at Saks Fifth Avenue stores in Houston, Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio and only 400 bottles were made. The scent is inspired by South Texas citrus, which hits a bit of a soft spot for me as I used to tag along with my truck-driving grandfather to the valley every summer to pick up loads of fruit to bring back to San Antonio. Loves it.

Dallas: FIG Finale

Don't forget this weekend is f.i.g. finale! Click here to see all the stores participating in the sale.

Rogers: Alvin Ailey

Michelle Obama has chosen to have a day of dance at The White House on September 7 to celebrate Judith Jamison's retirement and 20th year as the artistic director of the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, founded by Rogers, Texas native and modern dance genius Alvin Ailey. Seven excerpts from various dances will be performed - Cloven Kingdom, Paul Taylor; and Balanchine's Tarantella are both on the list - including two Ailey works.
Ailey grew up in racially segregated Texas but his tough upbringing was the inspiration for many of his pieces including his most famous, Revelations, a three part dance that tells the story of slavery, freedom, and faith. Ailey died in 1989 at the age of 58 and I've only seen his company live one time in my life. But like most dance it moved me to cry, filled a hollow in my chest with emotion, and made me want more.
Photo courtesy of BET.com

25 August 2010

Dallas: Dive

Told you a couple days ago I had a late lunch at Dive today and I'm swooning over the food, the staff, the interior, everything. Now I know why this spot in the old Ball's Hamburger space was jam-packed at 1pm and the wait for a table was 10-15 minutes. The counter-service-only restaurant was filled with no less than a dozen gorgeous moms from my son's school, lots of cute SMU students, assorted suits, and Tread co-owners Brandon Wall and Bart Fassino.
I had the ahi tuna wrap - a seared tuna filet wrapped inside a spinach tortilla and filled with a small amount of coconut rice and loads of avocado and served with dipping sauces on the side - and an iced tea (they have the best ice, that tiny crunchy pebble kind). Some of my friends had the fish tacos, the crab salad, and shrimp tacos and everyone said the same thing: Why hadn't a place like this opened earlier?
The food is healthy and the staff was over-the-top helpful with securing us a table and refilling our glasses with tea. They also have a kid's corner off to the side where little ones can occupy themselves while you order and a kids menu that includes a crudite plate. I promise you I'll be back later this week for more. Who's in?

24 August 2010

McAllen: Roosevelt's at 7

About a year ago I was in McAllen for TM to write about some fine places to shop and dine while visiting the border town. Expectations were pretty low, so I was pleasantly surprised to find such a serious art scene and buzzy nightlife in and around the arts district. That's when I stumbled upon Roosevelt's at 7, an incredibly cool restaurant and alehouse on Main Street.
They have about 45 imports and microbrews to chose from and for someone like me who doesn't like much aside from vodka and champagne I was even able to find something redeemable (I'll admit I may have had a peach lambic, which is about two steps away from a boozy fruit juice).
The crowd is fun, loud, and ready to fight you for booth seating (all the booths have Jenga) anytime after 5 pm. If the booths are taken, take it to the outdoor patio where communal seating rules and enough beer will make you forget how hot it gets down south.

23 August 2010

San Antonio: Jay Fielden

Well, a huge congratulations to our favorite San Antonio man, Jay Fielden. The former Men's Vogue editor-in-chief is confirmed to co-write Grace Coddington's memoirs, which you know will be replete with glamourous tales of modeling and creating some of the most notable editorial wells in Vogue's history. PS if you want a peek into his fabulous Connecticut home, be sure to check out this month's Elle Decor.

Dallas: DIVE

Hearing great things about Dive, the chic little seafood spot that just opened in Ball's Hamburger's old space in Snider Plaza.
I've heard that the menu is filled with great healthy options - an ahi tuna wrap has received raves from friends - and an inventive, but small cocktail menu. Going there this Wednesday for a late lunch and will have a full review. Click below to read TheThrillist's review.

Images from TheThrillist.com

20 August 2010

Dallas: LD Tuttle

One more thing before I sign off to make goody bags for eight 6 year-olds for C's bday party tomorrow: The LD Tuttle over-the-knee elasticized leather boot that I've made mention of the past couple of months finally came in today at VOD. The ones above were ordered by FD ed-in-chief and fashion extraordinaire Tracy Achor Hayes and I got them in black. Love. The minute it dips below 80 these are on my feet. Order through Jackie or Liz at VOD.

Dallas: Nest moves to Knox/Henderson

Just got word that Nest in Snider Plaza is packing up and moving to Knox/Henderson come September. Their new space is sandwiched between Forty Five Ten and Chuys. Nest buyer and manager Donald Fowler says that the new location will be "a juxtaposition of old and new, very Parisian and industrial chic." Because they are in packing mode run by the store asap to get brilliant deals on all kinds of home decor.

Have a fabulous weekend, my dears.

19 August 2010

Everywhere: Les Khakis de Chanel

I have finally found my fall nail polish colors. These shades, created to celebrate Fashion's Night Out on September 10, are the perfect replacement for the deep eggplant colors we've all been wearing the past several seasons. In stores September 10, $25 each.

Dallas: style/swoon

All I have to say is click on style/swoon, scroll down to the Boogie Nights post, and prepare to have your eyes burn with envy. Joslyn Taylor, author of the Simple Lovely blog, has an utterly fantastic, completely original home. I'm still biting my bottom lip over it. Thanks, Sam, for sharing it with everyone!

18 August 2010

Dallas: Neo Pizza

I'm a bit obsessed with Neo Pizza Napoletana in Victory Park. I've been there far too much lately and here's why:
1. I love the interior. The dangling light bulbs, concrete floor, and exposed brick walls paired with tufted black leather banquettes and glass and wood doors feels warmly rustic and modern at the same time. A favorite combo of mine.
2. It's amazingly kid-friendly despite the sleek adult crowd that migrates there
3. The huge green space/water garden right outside its doors means C & P can run around outside within eye/ear shot
4. The pizzas are great (trust me, try The Dream or The White Truffle) and I can't get enough of the Olivella salad; greens with blue cheese, walnuts, and sliced pear
5. It's never crowded for dinner - lunch is crazy - but I sense that's about to change

17 August 2010

Dallas: The Willie Shirt

I just got in from working in Waco. While driving by Willie's Place off I35, I was reminded of this fabulous shirt that Jackie and Liz are carrying at VOD. From Erin Wasson's fall collection for RVCA.

16 August 2010

Corpus Christi: Selena stamp

Did anyone else grow up listening to Selena? I learned how to do the cumbia to "La Carcacha", danced it with my uncles across the dusty floor at my hometown VFW, and like every other South Texan Latina girl in the 80s and 90s completely identified with her and the fine line she walked between being connected to her Mexican heritage, but also completely American. In 2011 Selena Quintanilla Perez gets her own United States Postal Service stamp. You can be sure that it will be on all my outgoing mail.

14 August 2010

Dallas: Jackson Browne

Such a good concert last night.
With such good seats.
But when he started to play "Running on Empty" I couldn't take sitting down in my seat anymore.
I got up, danced in the aisle, then turned around to see that several people had joined me. I knew I wasn't the only one who wanted to ditch the prim and proper sit-in-your-seat-and-watch routine. By the time "Take it Easy" came on Mr. H was next to me dancing, too, along with about 7,000 other folks. Sometimes it's hard to be the first one to get up and dance. But if the alternative is sitting there and doing nothing, I'd rather take the chance of embarrassing myself any day.

13 August 2010

San Antonio: Dos Carolinas

Dos Carolinas in South Town in San Antonio is the place to go to for lightweight Cuban guayaberas. Caroline Matthews and her team of seamstresses make the most beautiful custom shirts, and right now I really want one of the summer dresses she's now making.

I love the traditional vertical pleats that run down the front of each dress and they so remind me of utilitarian house dresses that my grandmother used to wear when I was younger.
I would wear the long blue shirt, above, with black leggings and my black elasticized leather over-the-knee LD Tuttle boots.

12 August 2010

Austin: Supper Underground

Every month for the past four years 30 lucky Austinites gather for Supper Underground, a clandestine dinner club founded by Hannah Calvert. SUG has about 2,000 people on their mailing list and a week before the dinner each guest is emailed and asked to respond within 24 hours. Using a lottery system 30 folks are chosen and told where to arrive for a cocktail hour followed by a four course meal.
The menus are seasonal and as local as possible and consist of mouthwatering dishes like smoked tomato and crab soup, apple-sage braised pork on polenta, and extra virgin olive oil pound cake with macerated strawberries. Hungry yet?

11 August 2010

Austin: Good Day Austin

On the road again. Tune into Good Day Austin Thursday, August 12 at 8:40 am to watch me give you the low-down on back to school fashion, the Kim Dawson Model Search, and Texas' Tax-Free weekend at NorthPark Center. It's all taking place the weekend of August 20th and you don't want to miss it.

09 August 2010

Austin: ViaChrista

Here's something to add a little edge to your girly frocks. The necklaces from Austin-based designer ViaChrista totally caught my attention because of their gothic quality: think metal cast muskrat and bat skulls, rabbits feet, hawk talons, and other talisman-esque pendants. At Buy Definition, Austin.

And please forgive me for not posting tomorrow, but I'm working in Tulsa. If you're in T-town, tune into "Good Day Tulsa" tomorrow morning at 9:20 am to hear about NorthPark Center's On The Runway events the weekend of August 20th.

Dallas: Tread Fitness

I'm just back from my first Tread workout after a 3-week hiatus.
A few notes
1. I feel amazing right now. Gotta get back into my 3-day a week routine.
2. I didn't feel amazing while I was doing it. In fact, I thought I was going to die. At least the last thing I'd have seen would've been Brandon.
3. Tread's about to offer an unlimited monthly membership fee. You pay a price, you come as often as you want.
4. Never replace regular workouts with day drinking and eating pasta and pie.

Dallas: Pinkberry Delivers

Hold up. Did you know that Pinkberry delivers? I know, right? Call up one of the locations or order online, place an order of $10 or more and sit back and relax while someone else does the dirty work. Don't mind if I do.

08 August 2010

Dallas: Little Bean + Rikshaw Design = !!!

I know that this is essentially a month off, but I just had to let you know about this Labor Day weekend celebration at Little Bean. To toast the East Dallas children's boutique's one year anniversary Rikshaw Design will have a pop-up shop on Friday, September 3 from 6-8 pm hosted by Simple Lovely and Little Bean.
Rikshaw Designer Catherine Fitzsimmons will have a gob of her boho baby clothing, women's kurtas, and bedding all made with hand-blocked Indian cotton voile. Can. Not. Wait.

Dallas: Gina Marie Dunn

I'm a person who loves artists. Their energy, their perspective, how they can turn the mundane, say cardboard boxes, into something that shouts about homelessness (anyone remember that from The Dallas Contemporary 2 years ago) or makes you delight in childlike wonder (the kids art house at the DMA). Art forces you to think. Makes you engage. And the best part is there is no wrong answer.
I was just looking at Dallas-based artist Gina Marie Dunn's blog - which I love because she regularly posts a painting and then a poem, a two-hit of creativity- and she's discussing her new work. Visit her blog for the listings of her upcoming shows in Texas including one this Thursday in Snider Plaza.

07 August 2010

El Paso: The Garden

A month of so ago I posted about a great restaurant in EP called Crave. An EP friend of mine, Marcelle Purdy, told me about a new-ish place opened by the same owners of Crave called The Garden. Now, I've not been there yet so I can't vouch for it myself, but because Crave left such a good impression on me and Purdy runs with a very fashionable crowd, I can't imagine that anything else opened by the same group of folks wouldn't also wow.
The Garden is downtown (right around the corner from The Plaza Theatre) and from what I've been told its covered outdoor patio brims with a pretty crowd of 30-somethings sipping cocktails and puffing away on Montecristo Churchills from the in-house cigar humidor. The menu sounds classic American with items like pan-roasted chicken, grilled trout, and baby back ribs, dishes that will always satisfy, but not blow your socks off. Anyone have a first-person account of The Garden?

06 August 2010

Austin, Houston, Dallas: Shipley & Halmos

Attention Houston, Austin, and Dallas: Shipley & Halmos is coming to a CO-OP near you. Not just the line, but the designers behind the line, Sam Shipley and Jeff Halmos. This month they are traveling to Barneys CO-OP locations around the country to meet their customers and snap a few shots of their favorite folks, in a photo booth no less, for inclusion in a book they are to publish later this year. Each person will also have a questionnaire to fill out that will accompany their photo if they make it into the limited edition book. Can you imagine? You in a book. What could be better?
Click here for dates.

05 August 2010

Marfa: Marfa Brands Soap

I discovered Marfa Brand Soaps about a year and a half ago while I was in West Texas on assignment for Texas Monthly. I walked into super-cool boutique, JM Dry Goods, and my nose led me to a stack of these handmade, all-natural soaps that smelled so strongly of earth, campfire, and rosemary.

I still have a smidge of the bar - they last forever - and now I need to email Ginger Griffice, the founder of Marfa Brands, to order some more. Ginger makes the soaps using avocado and sweet almond oils, mango and cocoa butters, and then adds a touch of oatmeal or cornmeal to smooth skin.
The soap I have is called Campfire in the Woods and it's just heavenly; part burning wood and earth, saddle soap, and rosemary all mashed into something familiar that evokes childhood, the joy of being outside, and horseback riding.