21 December 2010

Dallas: Hail Merry

Holy. Cow. I've been munching on Hail Merry's new Chimayo Chili pecans all afternoon. So spicy and sweet and so good for you. I can't get enough.

Austin: Spruce

You know that Chinese proverb, Give a man a fish and feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime? This should be the credo of Austin's Spruce, a fantastic establishment that not only will reupholster and redesign things for you, but also - and this is an important also - will teach you how to reupholster your furniture yourself.
You heard me right. They offer DIY upholstery classes so you can get your creative game on. Watch out Kelly Wearstler.
They also have a good selection of things they've done themselves and salvaged finds that've been gussied up.
Love these footed side tables.

17 December 2010

Dallas: Lucia

Had a fantastic meal at David Uygur's new Oak Cliff restaurant, Lucia, last night. Right next door to Dude, Sweet Chocolate in the Bishop Arts District, the tiny 14-table boite - reservations definitely a must - was warm, cozy, and exactly the kind of place I want to dine.
We started out with a smattering of salumi and pickled vegetables, chicken liver smeared on crispy bread, and lamb meatballs on top of a tomato ragu. Dinner was gnocchi with prosciutto, winter squash ravioli with sage and butter, and we ended things with a rich chocolate budino topped with whipped orange cream, candied orange peel, and salted caramel.
They have a good Italian wine list, but no full bar; just an FYI for all you cocktail drinkers. I've already made my second reservation and I can't wait to go back. Lucia, 408 W. 8th St., 214.948.4998.
Photo courtesy of Dallas Morning News

14 December 2010

Everywhere: Lay's Limon

This is a very random post, but I officially have a problem. My name is Kristie and I'm addicted to Lay's Limon potato chips.
I've never been a big chip eater but when I did, I liked to squeeze a bit of lime on them (if you've ever been to Mexico, you're familiar with the street carts that sell chips with lime slices and a drizzle of chili).
About a year ago I bought these and I can't stop buying them. Thank goodness I mostly shop at places these aren't sold, but I'm finding myself making special trips to Tom Thumb, Target, even 7-11 to buy these. This morning I was in my pantry and I shut the door behind me and shoved a handful of these tangy things in mouth before my daughter could see her mother eating chips for breakfast.

Sabinal: Two Bar West handbags

Do you know about Two Bar West? Sisters Laurie and Stacy McFadin, fifth generation Texans, make these studded and fringed handbags out of their studio in Sabinal, just south of San Antonio.
One part rock and roll, one part Texas cowgirl, the McFadins use buttery soft leather and vintage belts as handbag straps.
Even though they are a super small company - no press person, they answer their own phones - they've been picked up by places like Fred Segal and Anthropologie.
And Taylor Swift, Kim Kardashian, and Miley Cyrus are regularly spotted carrying their Two Bar West fringe bags around Los Angeles.
I have a bag similar to the one below and get gobs on compliments on it.
And this one has a studded vintage belt for the shoulder strap.

12 December 2010

Everywhere: Free People

Never in my life have I shopped at Free People, but last week I came across this gorgeous lace skirt and I had to buy. It arrived this weekend and Saturday I ended up wearing it as a dress because it was so long. It doesn't have a liner so I wore black under things that peeked through and topped it with a black blazer to make it a tad more conservative - if that's even possible seeing as how you could see my underwear underneath.
So tonight I went back to the site to see what else they had online and I've gone bananas over this crochet dress. Comes in black or off-white.

I also love these little lacey tap shorts. How great would these be with a chunky sweater?
And my daughter would flip over these clogs. I often find her playing dress up in my closet - I'm shocked at how well she can walk in my heels - and these are age-appropriate shoes that would give her a little taste of that lift she loves when she puts on my shoes.

09 December 2010

Houston: Sunday Riley

A few months ago when F|D Luxe debuted my column "State Wide" one of the first people I wanted to write about was Houston born and raised Sunday Riley.
Riley's press person sent me a slew of skin products to try and I'm down to my last drop of this extremely addictive dry oil. Over the course of 3 months I've used it every single day and it's given my skin a perpetual glow. I've got oily skin, but it hasn't clogged my pores, absorbs quickly into my skin, and moisturizes like nothing else. Love it, love Sunday, and headed to Barneys tomorrow to buy another bottle.

Everywhere: American Apparel twist scarf

Just picked up a $14 twist scarf from American Apparel and have been playing around with it for an upcoming ensemb.
They're evocative of Louis Vuitton's 2009 bunny ears, but not as dramatic and look at me, more of a plebeian take on the idea. I'm not completely sure if they'll work on me, but you know who they look darling on? My 3 year old. I think I may have just answered my own question.

05 December 2010

San Antonio: Dorien Leigh

Have you read the Town & Country cover story (Jan' 11 issue) on Dorien Leigh? It's a fascinating look at the life of the San Antonio native who is widely considered the world's first supermodel.
Leigh's younger sister Suzy Parker was equally as stunning and was also one of the highest paid models of her time.
Richard Avedon photo

02 December 2010

Dallas: SMU Glossy

After 9 pm is my time to relax, but right now I'm having an 'effin conniption after scouring through 20 pages of SMU Glossy.
Have you seen this? If you're over 30 you've probably not and I'm def over 30. I'm not emotionally equipped right now to figure out whether it's pure jealousy and the in-my-face realization that my collegiate style was no where near as cool as these SMU kids or if I'm p.o.'ed that half of them dress better than I do now.

Photo courtesy of SMU Glossy

01 December 2010

Dallas: Forty Five Ten

It's that time again! And just when I'm ready to add another Rick Owens skirt to my repertoire. Happy hunting...