28 August 2011

Dallas: Cold Ones Artisan Paletas

Earlier today we had Cruz's 7th birthday party.
For the past four years he's wanted a water slide and it's always a hit with his friends.
But this year we added Brent Fogarty and his fabulous paleta bike to the mix.
His company, Cold Ones, will come to your event and hand out icy cold Mexican-style popsicles handmade from local/organic ingredients.
Today he brought a slew of orange vanilla bean and lemon lavender and I'm not kidding when I tell you they were so delicious and the perfect thing to eat in the stifling heat.
Everyone at the party raved and Brent and his bike are on my permanent list of recommendations when someone asks me for something that will add an instant layer of cool to their event. Click here to see the Cold Ones facebook page.

26 August 2011

San Antonio: The Monterey

I'm itching to take a trip down south to SA to see my familia, but work is prohibiting me from doing much else but write. Aside from hanging out with my grandmother and watching forensics shows with her, I'm dying to go to The Monterey for dinner.
I went to a party at owner Chris Hill's home when I was in Careyes for Sara Beltran's birthday in May. Chris was crazy nice and we talked about Monterey as well as his other watering hole, The Esquire Tavern.
The menus at both places look mouthwatering - the corn with lime yogurt, chile and cojita and octopus with white curry and country ham at The M have my name all over them - and I feel that with John Besh's Luke and the upcoming opening of Andrew Weissman's Luxury, SA is having a foodie moment.

Photo courtesy of www.style-extraordinaire.com

25 August 2011

Dallas, Houston, SA, Austin: Army Navy Store

Just about every city has an Army/Navy store. I visited one earlier this week - seriously, if you know a 6 to 10 year old boy this place is a gold mine of birthday presents - and unexpectedly purchased a few things for myself.
Those friendship bracelets that everyone is wearing right now? There's enough colorful rope and cord here for you to make hundreds.
A cross body messenger bag
Dozens of lightweight scarves
I bought myself a knit navy wool hat
And this wool sweater also came in navy. Would be so cute with some cut off shorts and Isabel Marant Dickers boots.

22 August 2011

Houston: BHLDN

My son's birthday party is this weekend and the opening of BHLDN in Houston is making me want to head down there for some party supplies (and stop at Buc-ee's along the way. Cannot get enough of their jerky sticks and Beaver Nuggets, these totally addictive sweet crunchy treats).
It's the ultimate destination for all those Amy Atlas-esque mix and match decorations. Here's a peek at some of their soiree decor nooks.
I can't get enough of paper pom poms. Doesn't matter what color, I love them.

16 August 2011

Houston: Mortar

Even though Mortar traffics specifically in men's clothing, it's still one of my must-stops when I'm in Houston. The lines they carry - Hamilton Shirts, Rag & Bone, Farm Tactics, Garrett Leight California Optical - are always inspiring and beautifully made with great stories behind the designers.

I'm constantly checking out their blog, which is seriously one of the best ones out there. It's always thoughtful and gives great information. I kind of consider it the place to go when I want to know something that I already don't, when I want an insider-y newsy nugget to toss out to my friends that will give me instant cool cred.
This month they've received some new books from Assouline. Be sure to read their blog. I promise you'll be hooked.

14 August 2011

Kerrville: Wagonmaster

You may have read my feature about Leon Miller in FD Luxe a couple of months ago. In case you didn't, you need to visit his website - or if you live in the hill country, stop by his car lot - to drool over his pristinely renovated Jeep Wagoneers.
They are so gorgeous. Philippe Starck, Tommy Hilfiger, and the Prime Minister of Kuwait all agree. Miller has sold all of them Wagoneers from his fleet. Starck's was shipped to Paris.
Tooling around in one of these vintage rides is more chic than anything made in this decade, don't you think?

12 August 2011

Dallas: The Office of Angela Scott

How do I know The Office of Angela Scott is going to be cool? Because Jackie Bolin told me about the Dallas-based women's shoe designer and her bespoke menswear aesthetic. See the full collection on Saturday, August 27 at VOD.
I've been scrolling through her tumblr blog for the last few days and I love the inspirational mood board she's created. If the shoes are anything like it, I'm sold.

10 August 2011

Dallas, SA, Austin, Houston: Central Market

This is totally random, but I've just had a revelation tonight called the honeydew nectarine. I devoured two, Pilar ate one and licked the pit.
I bought a few of them today at Central Market and wasn't exactly sure what to expect. They ended up being a less sweet, less juicy, more meaty version - totally satisfying to bite into - of the white nectarines that I usually go for. In a word: perfect.
Photo from here

09 August 2011

Marfa: Garza Design + Build

I wrote about Jamey Garza and his Marfa-based furniture design company a few months back for FD Luxe. Shelby Wagner is redecorating my den, which right now is a mess of a yucky sectional and scattered toys (dang kids!), and I've been thinking about some of Garza's cozy leather chairs.
If you're a fan of Liz Lambert's, then you're surely a fan of Garza's. He designed all the furniture for the San Jose and the Thunderbird.
These look positively cozy. I love the idea of curling up in one of these and reading.

03 August 2011

Dallas: A few obsessions

I'm obsessed with some recent acquisitions, some items that every time I walk by or wear make me smile.
First up: My monogrammed guest towels from Anne Grace - if you've not been to Kerri Davis for her impeccable selection of stationery and gifts, you must run over and see her immediately. She's located in the back room of Cabana and it's hands down the best paper boutique in the city - and Niven Morgan Mustique hand soap and lotion. I had my towels done in the same shade of turquoise and I'm so glad I did.
2. Sue Gragg-designed gold and diamond hoop earrings, an 11-year anniversary present from Mr. H. The diamonds run around the entire circumference of the hoop, but on the front half they lie on the outside and then on the back half they run along the inside giving a continuous view of the gems. Genius. And Chanel's No. 19 Poudre, an iris perfume with musk base notes.
3. A new Dezso necklace.
Isabel Marant Dickers boots in chocolate brown suede. Jackie at VOD might have 2 pairs left. They are terrifically comfortable.

02 August 2011

Houston: Agate Ranch + Marfa

One of my favorite people, Agate Ranch + Marfa designer Kathy Bracewell, is having a trunk show of her gorgeous West Texas agate necklaces Wed, Aug 3 and Thurs, Aug 4 at Muse in Houston.
Earlier this year Kathy hosted a slew of us at her gorgeous Marfa ranch to shoot Koch's spring 2011 lookbook. She was the best hostess EVER. She greeted us in her white pick up at the gate of her ranch and in a pretty monogrammed cooler she had white wine, coffee, and beer for us to sip on while we toured her property. How much do you love that?
Anytime Kathy loves something she says "It's so fine!" and now I've completely adopted her saying and it rolls off my tongue all the time when I'm smitten with an object, a pair of shoes, a dress, etc.
Anyway, stop by her trunk show, which benefits SISHA, an organization that fights human trafficking in Cambodia.

01 August 2011

Dallas: GiltCity

Today is the official launch of GiltCity Dallas and I couldn't be more excited! It's my new go-to spot when I want to save $ on super chic events, shopping, spa treatments, etc...
I just looked at their deals this week and there are so many that I need: Three core fusion classes at Exhale for only $30 (regularly $72), a $45 mani/pedi at Salon Pompeo at Hotel Palomar (normally $90), and a facial and brow wax at SP's Uptown location for a mere $55 (usually $110). The discounts are huge and quickly add up to big savings. The sales begin this morning at 10 am. If you've not already joined, click here for a VIP invitation!