24 May 2012

Texas: Texas Music Scene

Have you tuned in to Texas Music Scene? It's hands down my favorite music show and not just because I'm married to the person who produces it (believe me, they don't have more than 70,000 facebook fans for nothing).
 Imagine, a show with actual musical performances and interviews, not some reality television nightmare. Click here to read more about it and visit here to find show times in your city. 

Everywhere: Best Made Compass

Here it is. What I think is one of the best gifts for a thoughtful grad about to make it out in the world: Best Made Company's Cruiser Lensatic Compass
 Who doesn't need help with direction? 
Buy here

23 May 2012

Abbott: Willie Nelson

I can't stop listening to Willie and his son Lukas Nelson's cover of Pearl Jam's "Just Breathe" from his new album Heroes. I heard it a few weeks ago on the radio and have been obsessed with it since. 
The harmony of his lower register and Lukas's similar tone, but higher voice is just so beautiful. Watch but be warned: you will be on iTunes buying it and listening to it over and over. 

22 May 2012

Austin: Ski Shores

 One of the things that I love about Austin and I wish there was more of in Dallas is family-friendliness. It seems that just about every place you go to in Austin kids are in tow and it's a-okay, downright welcomed. Do that in Dallas and you get looks. 
Ski Shores on Lake Austin takes first prize when it comes to welcoming kids. Every Friday is Family Movie night so while the kids eat their grilled cheese and sip on milkshakes they can also take in a fun flick while you have a cocktail. 
What kid wouldn't be entertained by this playground?

And new this summer: dockside pick up. Call ahead, place your order for burgers and fried pickles and they'll bring it out to you so you never have to get outta your water ride. How much do you love that?

Photos courtesy of Ski Shores' flickr site

21 May 2012

Dallas: Trader Joe's

So it's official. Not only is Trader Joe's opening on Greenville Avenue in Dallas and S. Hulen in Fort Worth, they are now opening two more locations: one in Plano at Park and Preston and another in Dallas on the northwest corner of Walnut Hill and 75. 
That's right. That vacant piece of property sitting there as you exit to get to Preston Hollow will be the new home to a Trader Joe's. The west side can rejoice. Inexpensive gourmet, hard-to-find, unusual foodie items will now be a five minute drive from me. 

20 May 2012

Austin: Jonathan Adler

This cat is taking Texas by storm. I had no idea that Jonathan Adler opened his 19th boutique in Austin this weekend. Sheesh. I saw JA and his husband, Simon Doonan, last Wednesday having lunch at the T Room at Forty Five Ten - they were with the beautiful Cindy Rachofsky, btw -  the same day that he was having his grand opening party for his Dallas store across the street. 

17 May 2012

Austin: Fresa's

Once again I find myself in a place of Austin envy because at the moment that's the only place in Texas where you can find Fresa's Chicken Al Carbon
 Everyday they slow grill chicken and hand churn eggs for fresh ice cream (they get these two key ingredients from Peeler Farms in Floresville, 6 miles north of Poth, Texas, where my entire family resides) so you can walk up or drive through to pick up what is seriously the most delicious "fast food" you've ever eaten. 
 They have the Mexican street corn, the barracho beans, fresh aguas frescas, and DIY margarita kits. Does it get any better?

14 May 2012

Dallas: Dish & The Battle of The Cocktail

I swear I'll get back to posting something happening in a city other than Dallas real soon, but there's just so dang much going on in my city. The most important of which is The Battle of The Cocktail taking place this Wednesday evening at Dish.
 Come on by. Let's have a drink together so I can convince you that my cocktail of the evening - a humdinger of a boozy drink that's still somehow filled with antioxidants. gotta ward off those free radicals -  is worthy of being the People's Choice cocktail for the month of May. 

11 May 2012

Dallas: Jeremy Laing

A couple of weeks ago there were all sorts of fun, interesting people in town. Sara Beltran was here for The Dallas Contemporary's Bespoke and a trunk show at Forty Five Ten. Brian Bolke hosted a lovely lunch for her and friends and Jackie Bolin from VOD came and brought her friend designer Jeremy Laing. Click here to read his Dallas diary on Vogue.com

09 May 2012

Dallas: Jonathan Adler

And because the market doesn't seem to have enough Jonathan Adler, one of his namesake boutiques has popped up on McKinney Avenue. Who's excited?

04 May 2012

Dallas: Beyond Pedaling Studio

Lord, have mercy. It's been about three hours since I got out of the bike + barre class I told you was taking this morning and I still feel like my body is tight and shaky. It was my first time there so I was blown away by the environment. The room was dimly lit and cold and on the wall in front of me music videos were being projected (nothing like watching Christina Aguliera circa 2006 to make you get your ass in shape). The music was then turned up and for 25 minutes we hit it hard on the bike. Just when you think you've had enough, it's over and time to move to the floor.
 Now, I've written about Bethany before and she's no joke. Her classes at Beyond Pilates KILL and this was no different. We moved to the floor for 25 minutes of toning exercises. At one point she mentioned that at the end of the arm movements she wanted us to feel like our arms were going to fall off. She took the words out of my mouth. But my friend Monica, who has some seriously toned arms, has been taking her barre classes and you can tell. Her arms are narrowly sculpted and it's exactly what I want too. To that end, there are a lot more Beyond classes in my future. Keep you posted on the sculpting process.

03 May 2012

Dallas: Hari Mari

Click here to go over to the Real School Garden's blog to see my post about Dallas-based Hari Mari footwear. Real School Gardens creates gardens, living classrooms if you will, at high poverty elementary schools throughout North Texas. 
And Hari Mari is an amazing company that's helping children diagnosed with pediatric cancers. For every pair of eco-friendly flops purchased, $3 goes towards programs to help find cures. They also had just about the best press package I've ever received. 

Dallas: Beyond Pedaling

People, you know I love an exercise class. I've done everything from piloxing and pilates to MetCon3 and Tread. Now I have a chance to try a bike + barre session at Beyond Pedaling Studio in Snider Plaza. 
You're familiar with Beyond because they are the same folks behind Beyond Pilates - which I love and I have to get back into - and tomorrow at 9:30 I'll be sweating, panting, and struggling to keep up with 11 other people in a class where I'll spend 25 minutes on the bike and 25 minutes at the barre. I think I have room for a few more people in the class. Email me and let me know if you want to try it for free with the rest of us!

01 May 2012

Austin: TM Daily Post

I'm an information junkie. Can never have enough news in my noodle. And my favorite news is Texas news so I'm constantly peeking at TM Daily Post. Now you can sign up to receive a daily newsletter with the day's top five news stories throughout the state. Click here to add one more thing to your reading list.