30 January 2012

Houston: Crave Cupcakes

How about ordering a few dozen of these from Crave for your Super Bowl party next weekend?
Or for Valentine's Day, these scrumptiously moist chocolate cakes with strawberry frosting, a yummy alternative to outdated chocolate-dipped strawberries. 

27 January 2012

Dallas: In Moving Hell

My fantastic TS&S readers, I'm in moving hell. I spent more than 12 hours yesterday moving into a new house - well, not new, but a fantastic '50s ranch - and am beat. I need a drink. I want someone to unpack my boxes. I want to curl up in a ball and wish all the stress away. The past two weeks of slowly packing while also working, mom-ing, and wife-ing has taken time away from here, but I will be back in full force on Monday. Prom prom. In the interim, here's where I just moved out of. Our casa treated us well over the past several years. 

Once we're settled into the new place, I'll post some pics of that, too. It's a new chapter for us and definitely a new style of home. We've always lived in my beloved East Dallas, but the drive to my kids school was slowly killing me. Click here to see more from a wonderful post that style/SWOON's Sam did of Casa Hoitsma. All photos - except for the front of the house - are by her, too!

20 January 2012

Dallas: Cintra Wilson at the DMA

Are you going to see cultural critic Cintra Wilson tonight at 9 pm at the Dallas Museum of Art?
She will be discussing, with her signature blade-sharp wit, her new book Fear and Clothing. I'll definitely be there this evening and I hope to see you. 

Photo credit: Sarah Forbes Keough

17 January 2012

Houston: Alexandra Knight

Oh, I want it to be warm. When it does get above 70 degrees, these Alexandra Knight navy croc t-strap sandals are going to be mine. 

12 January 2012

Dallas: Simon and you!

Don't forget, my dears. Meet me tonight at Barneys from 5 to 7 pm to chit and chat with Mr. Doonan. You know it will be so fun. 

10 January 2012

Waco: Kermit Oliver

Have I mentioned my obsession with Town & Country since Jay Fielden has been at the helm? Of course I would love it now that a talented Texan is in charge. 
Twice now he's put very Texas-centric items in the mag that have made me grit my teeth with scoop envy. The first was Miles Fisher - PS Miles, can you return my email? You emailed me first, remember? - and the second is the Kermit Oliver piece on page 38 of the Feb issue. 
I mean, really. Do you any idea how many times I've been in Hermes in Highland Park Village and they've failed to mention - even when I've SWOONED over these particular scarves - that the artist lives in effin' Waco? 
this may have been written while sipping on my third glass of wine. whatevs. 

Dallas: Simon Doonan and Barneys

Will you be my date this Thursday evening? Will you please meet me at Barneys from 5-7 pm to be entertained by the incomparable Simon Doonan? The creative ambassador-at-large for what I consider the most excruciatingly chic department store will be here with his new book Gay Men Don't Get Fat
In it he dissects the difference between gay and straight foods. You must click here to read Jeff Gordinier's NY Times article on Doonan and his book. I died over the part where he describes lesbian foods e.g., "thick porridge, heaping helpings of wheat germ...a crusty loaf of whole-grain bread is both ferociously lesbian and wildly heterosexual."

05 January 2012

Dallas: Juice Bar at Whole Foods Market

For the last two days I've been preparing for my 2-day cleanse that begins tomorrow. I've eliminated meat, bread, caffeine, and refined sugar and have been starting each day with a warm water with lemon. The sugar (and bread) thing has been the hardest, so thank goodness for the Sweet Tooth fresh pressed juice at Whole Foods.
 I've had one of these for the past two afternoons and I feel like it's helped get me over the afternoon slump that my latte usually gets me out of. It's a mix of beets, carrots, pear, and ginger and I had no clue that combination could be so delicious. 

04 January 2012

Dallas: Ken Downing

Everyone's favorite fashion director, Neiman Marcus' Ken Downing, makes an appearance on Project Runway tomorrow on Lifetime. Can't wait to see what he's got to say. Won't you tune in with me?

03 January 2012

El Paso & Corsicana: Sara Beltran & Julie Haus

Congratulations, Sara and Julie! Two of our favorite Texan designers have been just announced as winners of the prestigious Ecco Domani award. Sara won in the accessories category and Haus Alkire won in the women's category.

The seven winners - who were chosen out of a group of around 200 submissions - get $25,000 to use for their collections at New York Fashion Week. I'm so excited for them!

02 January 2012

Austin: Machine Shop

My sweet friend Steven just introduced me to lighting from Austin's Machine Shop.
 The styles are decidedly industrial and each light is made by hand. 
A sketch is made, the glass is blown, and steel is forged to create simple, beautiful pieces that give mass production a thumbs down.
I love the chain pulley on the first two lights. There's something so satisfying about pulling on one of those things and having a light glow on or slowly fade out.